Environmental Education – How to become young citizens – “HELP OUR PLANET”

Le classi 2D – 3B – 3D della scuola secondaria di I grado del plesso “Archimede” hanno partecipato al progetto/concorso  “Energicamente il futuro dell’energia  a scuola ” con il video in lingua inglese dal titolo  “HELP OUR PLANET”.

Students were very involved in this project. They want to do something now, so that the world can be better place tomorrow.

Emigrazione e immigrazione

Partecipazione della IV C al progetto promosso dall’Ass. Fiori d’Acciaio nel corso dell’a.s. 2015/2016

“Migliaia  di piccoli migranti. Per tutti i bambini e le bambine dispersi in mare…”


Meet Film Festival

 di Ferdinando Ambrosino (III D) e Amedeo  Migliore (III B)


October 1st 2016 was the day we students from two different classrooms and our teachers travelled  to  Mazara del  Vallo to compete in  an  international  annual event, the Meet Film Festival, representing our school with a short movie about the immigration phenomenon, where we used voices, images and videos to show our solidarity and the way it interests us. We were in the ‘Sicily Category’ but there were stunning and professional animations and clips that really let us breathless. We watched other participants’ movies and we attended the prizegiving. We didn’t win a prize but we returned home feeling proud of ourselves for living this unforgettable experience and for having the opportunity to meet important directors and special guests. All of us, including the ones who didn’t go to the festival, are now happy to be one of the contest’s finalist and to be in a famous short.




Tutti insieme ci rechiamo a Mazara Del Vallo per la cerimonia di premiazione e chiusura del Festival



Gli occhi della scuola La Masa

Indagine a scuola

Martedì 18 ottobre a scuola abbiamo deciso di fare un’indagine per scoprire quanti bambini hanno gli occhi chiari e quanti gli occhi scuri.

La maestra ci ha dato dei foglietti su ciascuno dei quali c’erano scritti i nomi di due classi della nostra scuola e ci ha divisi in coppie.

Siamo andati nelle classi che ci ha assegnato la maestra e abbiamo raccolto i dati.

Martedì 25 abbiamo tabulato tutti questi dati, poi li abbiamo classificati classe per classe.

Abbiamo disegnato un grafico per ciascuna classe, dall’infanzia alla quinta, inserendo il numero dei bambini in totale, dei bambini con gli occhi chiari e di quelli con gli occhi scuri.

Infine abbiamo disegnato un altro grafico, questa volta però di tutta la scuola e abbiamo scoperto che gli occhi scuri sono molto di più degli occhi chiari.

Guardate voi stessi:


La terza D


E   F.AMBROSINI, A.VITALE   II D (scuola secondaria I grado)


This year we learnt how to become young  citizens.

We studied about our rights and about liberty. We learnt that when there is respect and solidarity we can live together: at school, in our towns and in our countries. For this reason we faced an important topic such as the CHILD LABOUR during the Industrial Revolution. We learnt that children worked between 12 and 14 hours a day and even during THE VICTORIAN AGE (1837-1901) poor children worked in factories. We also faced one  of the great English writers CHARLES DICKENS (1812-1870) who created many famous characters such as Oliver Twist and David Copperfield.

We learnt that every child has the right to go to school but in some countries in the world children are used as soldiers because they are easier to control than adults.

We also spoke about MALALA YOUSAFZAI who could not accept that girls had not the right to go to school. We faced an important topic such as DISCRIMINATION. People can be discriminated against for their religion, the colour of their skin or because they come from different countries. For this last topic we have created a movie called “EUROPE THE NEW LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES” in which we speak about refugees and migrants that, nowadays, are trying to reach Europe from Africa, Syria and Middle East.